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Shep Jenkins and Jamaal Lemon, Pt II

Shep Jenkins and Jamaal Lemon, Pt II


Shep Jenkins, high school teacher, Alexandria, VA
Jamaal Lemon, Atlas Brew Works Tap Room Beer Guide, Silver Spring, MD
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What style of beer do you think is most overrated right now?
S: IPAs.

J: IPAs!

S: You couldn’t ask that question soon enough. I think they are overrated.

J: Very overrated. But where did that marketing come from? I see it every weekend, people come in to Atlas and look at the menu, and in my mind I’m like, “You’re going to get the IPA.” When you go to restaurants, the beer menu is all IPAs. No one is taking into consideration the food that they are making. IPAs are not going to go with every dish.

S: We live in a follow culture. People are trying to look cool ordering an IPA.

What about a beer that was super hyped, and you had it and thought, this is not that good?
S: I remember a few years ago, and this is railing on IPAs again, my coworker was talking, “Sierra Nevada, Sierra Nevada, it’s so good, man, you gotta check out Sierra Nevada.” I went and got a Sierra Nevada and it was like, eh.

J: I cosign with all of that. I loved Sierra Nevada, they have a märzen beer that’s very good, but their pale ale flagship, I’m over that.

What about favorite local brews?
J: Everything from Atlas, of course! I’m a huge fan of 3 Stars’ Madness, the old stock ale. And Black Flag up in Columbia Maryland, they have Belgie, a Belgium wit bier.

S: Honestly, the Blood Orange Gose from Atlas. Fucking amazing. I can wholeheartedly say, no bias, that’s one of my favorites.

What beer is in your fridge right now?
J: None because I’m on the Whole 30 right now.

S: I still have some stuff from last year from our trip. I went to Copenhagen outside of our World of Beer trip, and I bought a whole bunch of To Øl Beer.

Can you tell me more about what it was like to be World of Beer interns? That seems like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
J: Last summer was hands down the greatest summer of my life.

Do you have any beer regrets, like things you wish you had done while you were abroad that you didn’t get to do?
S: Listen, we took a beer bath.

You took a beer bath?
S: We took a beer bath. In terms of regrets, there is nothing left. 1995 I went to Citadel basketball camp for a week and I won MVP. That was the most amazing summer of my life. Then 2016 matched that.

If you are in a pinch and at a 7-11 or a Giant, what beer would you get?
J: Probably a Sweet Baby Jesus by DuClaw.

You have a very nice Giant.
J: If I’m in Maryland, it’ll be there. People who don’t normally drink that will probably drink that because of the flavor.

S: I’d probably go with some DC Brau or Port City.

So if there was no craft beer available, you’d just not buy beer?
J: I’d buy Guinness. Honestly, my palate has changed drinking all this beer and I can’t go back.

S: I don’t think I could drink another Miller Lite or Bud Lite ever again.

The apocalypse happens and you can only have one beer. What would it be?
J: I would do the Weihenstephaner Dunkel Weiss. Light, malty, it’d stand the test of time.

S: This is no bullshit, I would really choose the Blood Orange Gose from Atlas. And I like Right Proper’s Kick, Kick, Snare.

Are there other things that are coming up for you that you’d like to share?
J: We have a beer pairing slash farmers market on October 15th at the Blind Whino. More podcast episodes. Just trying to do some cool shit, drink some good beer, and give some high fives.

S: I know I mentioned earlier we live in a follower culture, and we also live in a time where things are more curated and nuanced. Craft beer is part of that. I’m excited to be a part of it. We are trying to change things. We’re trying to make it more inclusive. We are trying to have awesome discussions and enjoy great beer.

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