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Moving Beer

Moving Beer

I just moved to a new place, and I'm tuckered out. Thank God for beer, y'all. 

Let's talk moving beer. Not as in how to bring beer from one place to another, but what beer will best complement what is sure to be a long and arduous process of putting everything you own into 732 boxes, driving it five miles, and pulling it all back out again. (Which, in writing that out, is now clearly one of the most ridiculous things modern humans do of their own volition.)

To fuel your move, the following styles are requisite to maintain your cool and provide perspective as you survey your new digs, AKA Land of Un-Box-A-Lot:

Something sessionable
A must for any life change that will incline you towards day drinking. Make it light but also flavorful - just because you are keeping it under 5% doesn't mean you can't keep it 100, amiright? My all-time favorite session is Port City's Ways and Means, which is brewed with rye to give you a robust, complex, crackly, mmm-mmm feeling. Totally drinks like a bigger beer, but you can still hang photos.

Something strong
The best way to close the night after the physical and mental fatigue of new-place-set-up is with something that says, "I am in for the night." The Brew Shop pointed me towards Blue Mountain's Hop Duster this spring and I haven't looked back. Oh, this beer. So citrusy and just the right bitterness. May the first thing you unpack be a shaker glass.

Something different
While it makes sense to stock up on the classics to comfort you during this period of tumult, a move is not a time to give up on new flavors. After we took our first Honda-load of fragile items - including the entire contents of our fridge - up seven flights of stairs, my sweetie and I dug into an Evil Twin/Omnipollo Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA and, of course, some chocolate chip cookies. It's August in the DMV, and beer lemonade is the answer. 

Something gifted
We all know the best beer is the beer someone else bought for you. One of my favorite people in the world brought me some Wicked Weed Brettanomyces Farmhouse Ale and Alltech's Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout. So not only free beer, but great free beer. If you don't have this kind of friend, I mourn for you.

Something blessed
Every new place needs its christening, and breaking a bottle of bubbly against the wall is not recommended because a) you can't drink it and b) the ocean is your floor. Maine's A Tiny Beautiful Something seemed apt for consecrating the sweet loveliness of a new home. We opened one about two minutes after the movers left when we realized we could finally sit down. It was the right brew to couple our sense of wonder at what we had just done and relief that at least that part was done with.

You may need other supplies in your beer kit, but the above are strongly recommended. I'm not saying I'm an expert on moving beer, but I would say I don't want you to endure any suffering beyond what you have already signed up for.

Go forth, impending movers, and buy well and buy abundantly - this is a time to drink and toast and share and welcome a big new thing with a full glass and a full fridge and a room full of people who love you so much they don't care that there isn't yet a chair for them to sit in.

Joyce Tries a Gose

Laura Lopez

Laura Lopez